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【规格】直径:38.78mm 重:20.02g


[Name]Yuan Datou Yinyuan in the Three Years of the Republic of China

[Specification] Diameter: 38.78mm Weight: 20.02g

[Category] Coins

 此格钱币为民国三年袁大头,直径为:38.78mm,重量为:20.02g    提到钱币不能不提袁大头,“袁大头”是民国三年铸造的袁世凯钱币,有很多不同的版本,在正面的图案是基本相同的,但是在背面的图案和一些细节方面还是有所不同,辛亥革命以后,袁世凯就任“临时大总统”之职,后又成为正式大总统。当时,为了巩固国内政局稳定,发展民族经济,也为“制宪”和“称帝”作准备,于是发布《国币条例》,毅然决定在全国”统一币制“。“大头”系列对钱币收藏爱好者来说,并不陌生,属于必藏的品种。

Yuan Datou, 38.78 mm in diameter and 20.02g in weight, was coined in the three years of the Republic of China. Yuan Datou was coined in the three years of the Republic of China. There are many different versions of Yuan Shikai coin. The front design is basically the same, but the back design and some details are still somewhat different. In contrast, after the 1911 Revolution, Yuan Shikai assumed the post of “temporary president” and later became a formal president. At that time, in order to consolidate the stability of the domestic political situation, develop the national economy, and prepare for “constitution-making” and “emperor-proclaiming”, the National Monetary Regulations were issued, which resolutely decided to “unify the monetary system” throughout the country. “Big Head” series is not unfamiliar to coin collectors. It belongs to a must-have variety.

该钱币正面是袁世凯侧面像,上环写着“中华民国三年”,在人物刻画上,依然可以清晰看见袁世凯当时风华正茂的神态,穿着民国时期的统帅装,整体看生动形象,钱币的背面是中间用汉字写着“壹圆”,周围辅以嘉禾图案,包浆醇厚,钱币表面覆有磨损,虽然经过长时间氧化,但依旧保存清晰,是钱币中难得一见之精品. 袁大头”在货币收藏界被称为银元之宝,是世界上少有的从生产、保存到历史价值都非常有意义的一枚银元。

The front of the coin is a profile of Yuan Shikai, with the words “Three Years of the Republic of China” written in the upper ring. In the characterization, it can still clearly see Yuan Shikai’s elegant demeanor at that time, wearing the commander-in-chief clothes of the Republic of China, and looking vividly as a whole. On the back of the coin, it is written in Chinese characters with “one circle” and surrounded by Jiahe pattern. Yuan Datou is known as the treasure of silver yuan in the money collection circle and is one of the rare silver yuan in the world, which is of great significance from production, preservation to historical value.


Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standard, people’s recognition of antique art and their strong sense of identity with history and culture make more and more people collect. As a fine silver dollar with high collection value, its future value is unlimited.


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