Sichuan yongheili high-quality recommendation yuan dazu in the third year of the republic of China


Sichuan Yonghe Li Auction Co., Ltd.For the strong dissemination effect of collections, we recommend to buyers the art treasures selected by experts of national first-level appraisal, and make a bridge for Tibetans, so that the value of thousands of art treasures can be excavated and valued, and high-priced transactions can be concluded at auction.


【规格】直径:39.23mm 重:26.58g


[Name]Yuan Datou of the Republic of China for three years

[Specification] Diameter: 39.23mm Weight: 26.58g

[Category] Coins


“Yuan Datou” is known as the treasure of silver in the money collection circle. It is the most widely circulated and influential silver coin among the thousands of modern silver coins in China, and it is also an important role in the reform of modern Chinese currency system. In 1914, in order to solve military expenditure, Yuan Shikai forged a silver dollar currency with his profile in yuan, which was called “Yuan Datou” among the people.


Until the victory of the Northern Expedition in 1927, the National Government ceased casting. Yuan Datou is very rigorous in manufacturing, regardless of weight or color, there is a very strict management, sampling every week to the “Finance Department” test, the bank will send inspectors at any time, unqualified melt down at any time, never compromise. Therefore, it has accumulated a very high reputation in the market circulation time, which makes every remaining “Yuan Datou” is a fine product.

中华民国三年袁大头,该钱币正面是袁世凯侧面五分像,上环刻“中华民国三年”,外环珠圈环绕。背面为币值 “壹圆”二字,周围嘉禾呈合掌状环绕。钱币整体保存较好,币面平整无残缺。表面包浆熟旧,历史感极强。

Yuan Datou of the Republic of China for three years. The front of the coin is a five-point image of Yuan Shikai on the side. It is inscribed on the upper ring “Three years of the Republic of China” and surrounded by outer ring beads. On the back is the word “one circle” of currency value, surrounded by Jiahe in a palm-shaped circle. The coins are well preserved as a whole, and the surface of the coins is smooth and without defect. Surface slurry is old and has a strong sense of history.


The collection of cultural relics appreciation value, historical textual research value and coin collection value in one, is a fine collection of coins, collection potential is huge. “Yuan Datou” is known as the treasure of silver yuan in the money collection circle. It is the most popular and influential silver yuan among nearly 1000 kinds of modern silver coins in China.


“Yuan Datou” represents the monetary culture of modern China and reflects the rise and fall of modern history, economy and finance in China. At present, the number of “Yuan Datou” left by the folk is not too much, and silver belongs to precious metals, so the risk of collection is small, which is very suitable for investment and collection.


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