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【规格】直径:38.95mm 重:26.77g


[Name]Nine-year-old Yuan Datou of the Republic of China

[Specification] Diameter: 38.95mm Weight: 26.77g

[Category] Coins


In the vast world, the charm of coins has lasted for a long time, and has become more and more charming through thousands of years. The silver dollar originated in the 15th century and was first cast in Europe. It is the main currency in the world. In the 16th century, silver dollars began to flow into China. After the Republic of China, the silver dollar was designated as the main currency.


On February 12, 1912, Emperor Xuantong abdicated by decree. The monarchy of more than two thousand years ended by Yuan Shikai. No blood, no fire, no war, no horse, the end of calm. In March 1912, Yuan Shikai was elected the interim president of the Republic of China because of his success in promoting republicanism. Shortly afterwards, he was elected the first president of the Republic of China. After the founding of the Republic of China, the central finance had almost no revenue or expenditure, and the financial crisis was very serious. In view of the complexity of coinage and banknotes, the Chinese and foreign currencies in circulation at that time were more than 100 kinds, with different specifications, confused circulation, cumbersome conversion, and people’s complaints, the Beiyang Government decided to issue the national currency by means of currency restructuring to solve the military expenditure problem.


The government of the Republic of China issued “Yuan Datou” silver coins with the head of Yuan Shikai as the pattern, which served as the main currency in circulation during the period of the Republic of China. Although Yuan Shikai died of illness in 1916, Yuan Datou not only did not withdraw from the historical stage, but was still being cast. Because Yuan Datou’s silver dollar played a great role in resisting foreign silver dollar. After its circulation, various imperialist issuances in China began to decrease, which played an inestimable role in stopping the outflow of silver coins and maintaining currency stability. Yuan Datou has a good reputation in the hearts of the people because of his good color and weight. Yuan Datou’s nine-year silver coins were coins made in the nine-year period of the Republic of China.

该币直径:38.95mm 重:26.77g 银币正面中间为袁世凯戎装左侧面像,上方书“中华民国九年造”七字,字体工整,笔画圆润饱满,人物面像刻画精致。背面刻两条嘉禾,左右交互,下系结带,中铸‘壹圆’二字。其色泽光鲜自然,纹饰深浅适度,边缘线条粗细均匀,间距疏密一致。细微之处描绘清晰有度,生动自然。此币包浆浓厚自然,文字纹饰清晰可见,品相完好,工艺精美,是民国年间不可多得的珍品,汇聚历史价值、艺术观赏价值于一身,极具收藏意义。

The coin has a diameter of 38.95 mm and a weight of 26.77 g. The front and middle of the coin are the left side portraits of Yuan Shikai Rong. The book “Nine Years of the Republic of China” on the top has seven characters, neat fonts, plump strokes and exquisite portraits. Carved on the back of two Jiahe, left and right interaction, lower tie belt, cast in the word “one circle”. Its luster is bright and natural, moderate decoration depth, uniform edge lines, spacing is dense and consistent. The subtleties are vivid and natural. This coin is a rare treasure in the Republic of China. It combines historical value and artistic appreciation value. It has great collection significance.


After the vicissitudes of life and the passage of time, the silver coin, which symbolizes wealth, has now withdrawn from the stage of history. However, the former glory can not be erased. Its historical significance and cultural connotation in the rich background fascinate the world. It is a fine silver dollar with very high collection value.


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