Sichuan yongheli boutique recommendation, dacheng (group 1)


Sichuan Yonghe Li Auction Co., Ltd. For the strong dissemination effect of collections, we recommend to buyers the art treasures selected by experts of national first-level appraisal, and make a bridge for Tibetans, so that the value of thousands of art treasures can be excavated and valued, and high-priced transactions can be concluded at auction.


【规格】直径:27.29mm 重:3.89g 直径:26.67mm 重:3.67g


【Name】Daquan 50 (group)

【Specification】Diameter: 27.29 mm 26.67 mm Weight: 3.89g 3.67 G



Hu Shu’s “Big Spring 50” money is contained in the book “Textual Research and Explanation of Precious Coins in Khitan”. Textual Research: Qian Wen was the early Khitan script five years before the promulgation of the large character of Khitan in the Book of God (920). Hu Shu’s “Big Spring 50” is a kind of entertainment money made by Khitan people, not a kind of money. It demonstrates the wisdom and aesthetic taste of the Khitan people with its ingenious design and dissimilated and deformed characters, and proves that the Khitan nationality has developed highly in its early civilization.


This kind of Hushu “Daquan 50” money would not have been cast much at that time, because it was for the entertainment of the Khitan aristocratic class. After the “Rebellion of Brothers” and the devastation of the Millennium war, the money left behind in the world must be very rare. As a kind of art exhibiting the Khitan civilization, it is very valuable to remain today. This money is for inviting Quanyou to enjoy Hu Shu’s “Big Spring 50” interest.

大泉五十”铸行时间仅仅有13年,是王莽新朝通行货币中流通时间最长、铸量最大的 货币。此钱币“大”字如同飞翔的家燕,似如燕头的顶端由双线构成,下伸波折如同飞翔中的双 翅,撇捺如同燕尾;“泉”字书写异形版式,顶端呈波浪状形如“山”字。该种钱币较为稀少, 品相好的很难觅集,因工艺特殊而受到藏家青睐。文案中“大泉五十”四字,篆书书体。其字誊写工致有加,字形巨细适中,整体结构规范协调,笔划横直直立,凸显庄重端美,书相威风凛凛典型,本色书风神韵,莽炉出品而无需再表。

Daquan 50″is the longest circulating currency and the largest casted currency in Wang Mang’s new dynasty, which only lasted 13 years. The word “big” of this coin is like a flying swallow, like the top of a swallow’s head is composed of two lines, the bottom stretches and turns like wings in flight, and the tail is like swallow’s tail; the word “spring” is written in a special-shaped format, with the top wavy like the word “mountain”. This kind of coin is relatively rare, good quality is difficult to find, because of the special craftsmanship and favored by Tibetans. In the text, “Daquan 50” four characters, seal script style. Its handwriting style is enhanced, the shape is moderate, the overall structure is standardized and coordinated, the strokes are straight and upright, highlighting the solemn and elegant beauty, the style of the book is awesome and typical, the style and charm of the book is original, and the products produced by the obscure stove need not be reproduced again.


According to the times of Sun Wu or Six Dynasties, Daquan 50 was also cast, but the writing production was different from this. This money was totally Wang Mang style, which was coined at the beginning. Therefore, it was exquisite, thick, supernormal, well-grouted, with very obvious historical traces, and very rare in the world. Therefore, the two sets of Daquan 50 were of collection value. The research is of great value and loved by collectors from all walks of life.


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