Lotus leaf lid pot of longquan kiln in yuan dynasty


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【名称】元代 龙泉窑荷叶盖罐

【规格】口径:29cm 高:28cm 底径:21cm 盖直径:35.5cm


[Name]Lotus Leaf Cover Tank of Longquan Kiln in Yuan Dynasty

[Specification] Caliber: 29 cm high: 28 cm bottom diameter: 21 cm cover diameter: 35.5 cm

[Category] Porcelain

此展品为元代文物,口径29cm,高:28cm,底径:21cm.盖直径:35.5cm.盖为荷叶形,胎体厚实,质地粗厚,釉色青绿,色泽清亮,厚胎厚釉 。元朝龙泉窑荷叶盖罐为元代中、晚期产品,吸取了国内外多元文化的因素,形成了独特的时代风格。

The exhibit is a cultural relic of the Yuan Dynasty, with a diameter of 29 cm, a height of 28 cm, a base diameter of 21 cm, and a cover diameter of 35.5 cm. The cover is lotus-shaped, with thick body, thick texture, blue-green glaze, clear color and thick fetal glaze. The lotus leaf cover pot of Longquan kiln in the Yuan Dynasty was a product of the middle and late Yuan Dynasty. It absorbed the multicultural factors at home and abroad and formed a unique style of the times.


According to verification, Longquan kiln porcelain production center is located in Longquan County in southern Zhejiang Province. In Tangzhai Biheng, the Southern Song Dynasty Ye recorded that “the kiln in Longquan County is located in the south of the Yangtze River, and its quality is rather thick”. Longquan kiln has experienced porcelain making in yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties since its founding in Song Dynasty, with a history of more than 800 years.


Longquan kiln pottery in Yuan Dynasty had not been destroyed since the end of Yuan Dynasty and Song Dynasty, which provided basic conditions for the sustainable development of Longquan kiln production at that time. In addition, waterway transportation is developed, overseas trade increases transport convenience, accelerates the production and development of Longquan kiln, and establishes many kilns. Wencheng, Yongjia, Taishun, Cangnan and other places are located in Wenzhou area. There are Jinyun, Qingyuan, Yunhe, Suichang and other places in Lishui area. At this time, the products are rich and varied, especially the unique innovation in the decoration techniques of exposed tires, which breaks through the decoration of single-color glaze and becomes a flourishing innovation period in the development history of Longquan kiln.


The greatest feature of Yuan Dynasty porcelain is the binary formula of fetal glaze, which makes the production of Longquan kiln form a relatively uniform standard. All of its utensils are powerful and powerful, and have different sizes in the same shape. In the history of Chinese celadon, Longquan kiln in the Yuan Dynasty formed a mature period from the firing process to decorative techniques, from the variety of utensils to the types of utensils, as well as decorative patterns and themes, thus pushing the celadon manufacturing industry in Zhejiang to a new peak. As the products of Longquan Kiln in Yuan Dynasty absorbed the factors of multiculturalism at home and abroad, it formed a unique style of the times, one of which is the lotus leaf cover pot. Now the market has a very high collection value.


The collection market of Yuan Dynasty porcelain is very popular with collectors and investors because it is considered by professionals as one of the most potential types of porcelain investment. It is almost impossible to find the same second “Yuan Dynasty Porcelain” with excellent appearance. Nowadays, high-quality porcelains are rare and rare. It has very high collection value!


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