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Sichuan Yonghe Li Auction Co., Ltd.For the strong dissemination effect of collections, we recommend to buyers the art treasures selected by experts of national first-level appraisal, and make a bridge for Tibetans, so that the value of thousands of art treasures can be excavated and valued, and high-priced transactions can be concluded at auction.


【规格】直径:39.44mm 重:21.49g


[Name]Sichuan Copper Coin

[Specification] Diameter: 39.44mm Weight: 21.49g

[Category] Coins


Sichuan copper coin, which is a 20 degree counterfeit version coin, is very rare among the ancient coins. The whole product is excellent, and it is a rare treasure. Sichuan copper coin was coined by the local regime in Sichuan Province in the late Qing Dynasty and the Beiyang Period. It was the currency issued and circulated by Sichuan at that time, which was unique in the history of collection. At the same time, due to the historical factors of the specific period at that time and the scarcity of the stock, its market value and market prospects are very huge, which is worth pursuing by the major collectors.


According to the relevant information, Sichuan military government copper coins, because of its numerous founders, short casting period, and during the casting period, mold change and plate repair, exist in the world editions are extremely complex, not less than 100 kinds of huge. The central part of the front pattern of the coin is a large seal book “Han”, which represents the meaning of “Big Man” of the new government.


Appearance is called “the life of collections”. The quality of the collection not only affects the price difference of copper yuan collection, but also concerns whether the collection is easy to realize. Copper yuan is of great significance to the collection of copper yuan.


Mechanized copper yuan has strict requirements on the surface finish and even the quality of edge wire. Any defect will affect the price of collections. The design is clear, wear-free, smooth and smooth surface, no obvious impact marks on the edge and so on. It can basically be regarded as a good quality. Copper yuan with good quality is worth collecting, even for ordinary varieties, copper yuan has a higher collection value. The copper coins in the Yuan Dynasty are different from those in the past dynasties. They have no holes in the middle. They are made by imitating Hong Kong copper coins. Its birth marks that China’s metal money casting technology has entered a new stage of advanced mechanized production from the traditional manual sand casting. The circulation of copper yuan in modern times only lasted for more than 30 years, but it had a great influence on history.


This Sichuan copper coin is a 20 degree counterfeit coin. The counterfeit coin is very popular with collectors and investors in the collection market because it is considered by professionals as one of the most potential coin investment varieties. It is almost impossible to find the same second counterfeit coin with excellent appearance. Now, the counterfeit coin with fine quality is a rare and rare treasure. It has very high collection value!


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