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Sichuan Yonghe Li Auction Co., Ltd. For the strong dissemination effect of collections, we recommend to buyers the art treasures selected by experts of national first-level appraisal, and make a bridge for Tibetans, so that the value of thousands of art treasures can be excavated and valued, and high-priced transactions can be concluded at auction.


【规格】直径:43.11mm 重:24.07g


【Name】Sichuan Copper Coin

【Specification】Diameter: 43.11mm Weight: 24.07g



The coins of the Republic of China are the best of modern Chinese coins. They contain profound historical and cultural connotations. They are valuable collections and have far-reaching historical Memorial significance. Although the coin is small, it can also provide a glimpse of social culture. On top of a small coin, it can not only reflect the vicissitudes and changes of politics and economy at that time, but also blend rich implications, and the significance of collection is more prominent. Nowadays, although the ancient coins have withdrawn from the circulation market, they are highly sought after by collectors and have a promising future.


The two-flag coin originated in the Republic of China. After the abdication of Emperor Qing in 1911, the Republic of China was proclaimed to be established. Sun Yat-sen, the pioneer of China’s democratic revolution, put forward the idea of “publishing new models and casting commemorative coins” in the “Provisional Presidential Decree” promulgated by Sun Yat-sen. Subsequently, two coin factories in Wuchang and Nanjing took the lead in coining the copper coins of the founding of the Republic of China, mainly in ten denominations, and issued a large number of coppers to replace the copper coins of the Qing Dynasty. In 1914, the copper coin was formally renamed “copper coin”. The biggest difference between the copper coin issued by the Republic of China and the Qing Dynasty was that the dragon pattern was replaced by the Jiahe grain composed of rice ears.


The two-year double-flag coin of the Republic of China is a hundred-character copper coin with exquisite workmanship, deep decoration and standard writing. It is a fine coin coined in the two-year period of the Republic of China (1913). It has a fairly good collection value. On one side of the coin, the face value of “Baiwen” is written vertically. The Jiahe grain consisting of rice ears is inscribed on both sides, along the six characters of “two years of the Republic of China” on the upper side and “made by Sichuan Mint” on the lower side. Flowers are arranged on the left and right sides. On the other side, there are two flags crossed, the flagpole has a curved prominence, the two flags stand straight and straight, located in the bead circle, engraved in English on the outer ring. After a hundred years of baptism, the appearance of this coin shows natural rust. The mellow slurry witnesses its deposited prehistoric charm and value of prehistoric civilization. It has a very remarkable historical transitional characteristics. It has rich traces of time, extremely amazing preservation value and historical value. It is indeed a rare coin. It’s worth a lot.



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