Han dynasty style linzhi gold


Seven flames “flat dragon version of the qing dynasty copper COINS

2019精品推荐(2019 excellent recommendation)

本品黄铜质地,规格尺寸:重量:10 .0g直径:3 .3cm。正面圈内铸有铭文“大清铜币”,底部铸“当制钱二十文”。背面内圈铸有“七焰”异版蟠龙图腾,龙纹威武霸气,外圈铸有铭文“光绪年造”,并铸有英文字样,该币锈色入骨,钱文字口深峻,图腾纹样清晰,流通及磨痕明显,包浆古穆,具有极高的投资价值和收藏价值。

Quality of brass, size: weight: 10.0g diameter: 3.3cm. Inside the front ring is the inscription “qing dynasty copper coin”, and at the bottom is the inscription “when making COINS in twenty characters”. On the back, the inner ring is cast with “seven flames” coiling dragon totem, dragon grain is powerful and domineering, the outer ring is cast with the inscription “made in the year of guangxu”, and the English words are cast.


Collection Category: Coin book collection will be auctioned in Malaysia in October 2019.




This collection is now operated and promoted by the marketing specialist of guangzhou dapai cultural development co., LTD. The pictures are limited. Welcome all collectors to visit the company for details through major media and contact the company.

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