Han dynasty style linzhi gold


Han dynasty style linzhi gold

2019精品推荐(2019 excellent recommendation)

麟趾金三件套组(Lintoe gold three-piece set)


下:重量103.2g直径6.1cm(Lower: weight 103.2g diameter 6.1cm)

中:重量116.9g直径6.4cm(Medium: weight 116.9g diameter 6.4cm)

上:重量103.1g直径6.3cm(Top: weight 103.1g diameter 6.3cm)

史料《汉书· 武帝纪》记载,太始二年(公元前95年)春,汉武帝诏曰:“往者朕郊见上帝,西登陇首获白麟,渥洼水出天马,泰山见黄金,宜改故名。今更黄金为麟趾、褭蹄,以协瑞焉。”后人应劭注释为:“获白麟,出天马,见黄金,故改铸黄金如麟趾、褭蹄以协嘉祉也。”麟趾,取自《诗经· 周南》:“麟之趾,振振公子,于嗟麟兮。”本品麟趾金,形状如麟趾,呈腔管状,中空,椭圆凹底上分刻有“上、中、下”字样,器表上边缘以金丝掐花环纹镶嵌,制作时先将黄金抽制成精细柔软的金丝线,再用搓丝、掐丝、填丝等诸多复杂工艺编制粘焊而成,技法巧妙,纤细玲珑,集中体现了黄金提炼、钣金、压模、錾刻、抛光、掐丝、接焊等多种工艺,代表了皇家工匠金器制作的最高水平。麟趾金,初步考证是用于明堂祭祀仪式,铭文“上、中、下”的含义是:“上”代表置于明堂的最上层——灵台祭天;“中”代表置于明堂的中间层——宗庙祭祖;“下”代表置于明堂的最下层——宣室祭地、祭神。此器一套三件,品相完美,铸工精湛,包浆醇厚,金光熠目,具有极高学术研究与收藏价值。

According to historical data in the book of emperor wudi of the han dynasty, in the spring of the second year of the reign of emperor taishi (95 BC), emperor wudi of the han dynasty ordered: “go to the place where we live to see god. Today more gold for our toes, 褭 hoof, to assist rick.” Posterity YingShao comments as: “get Bai Lin, tianma, see gold, so the remold gold like our toes, 褭 hoof to assist zhijun also.” Linzhi, from the book of songs · zhou nan: “linzhi, zhen zhen childe, yu qiu Lin xi.” This product reach to toe gold, shaped like our toes, cavity tube shaped, hollow, ellipse concave bottom on the engraved with the word “under”, which, on the table edge with tinsel choke lei wen inlay, making the first will be made fine soft gold thread of gold extraction by thread rolling, pinched wire, wire filling, and many other complex techniques stick welding and become, the technique is clever, delicate and exquisite, concentration reflected the gold refining, sheet metal, die, carve engraves, polishing, pinched wire, welding and other technology, represents the royal artisans of the gold industry. Preliminary research shows that linzhi gold was used in the sacrificial ceremony of Ming tang. The inscription “shang, zhong and xia” means: “shang” represents the top layer of Ming tang — lingtai worming heaven; “Zhong” represents the intermediate layer placed in Ming tang — jongmyo ancestor worship; “Xia” stands for the lowest level of Ming tang — the xuan room to offer sacrifices to the ground and god. This set of three pieces is perfect in appearance, exquisite in casting, mellow in coating, and of high value in academic research and collection.


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