2019 London auction products recommended Zhi-hui zhou calligraphy and painting (high mountain water long) (pine lives YunQuan)




[Tibet. Recommendation] column for the strong dissemination effect of the collection to recommend to buyers the selected art treasures by experts at the first level of national appraisal, to bridge the gap for Tibetans, so that the value of thousands of art treasures are excavated and valued, and high-priced transactions can be concluded in the auction.

【名称】: 周智慧字画(山高水长)(松壑云泉)

【类型】: 字 画

【年代】: 近 代

【规格】:长:119cm X 45cn

[Name]: Zhou Zhi’s calligraphy and painting (mountains and rivers are long) (Songqi Yunquan)

[Type]: Calligraphy and Painting

[Age]: Modern Times

[Specification] Long: 119cm X 45cn



Professor Zhou Zhizhi is currently recognized as a master of traditional Chinese painting in China. He is a national first-class painter, a special allowance expert of the State Council, and the world’s most famous painter in the field of calligraphy and painting. As for the collection value of Zhou Zhi’s paintings and calligraphy, it’s hard to say that if you like his works, you may not change them for thousands of dollars, and if you don’t like how much money you think it’s not cost-effective. From an objective point of view, we can check his auction records online, but as a collection, the auction records can only be used as a reference, not as a value determination. In recent years, the market of calligraphy and painting has been rising. Mr. Zhou Zhizhi’s words are very rare. His paintings are very famous. The State Council, the Great Hall of the People, the Central South China Sea, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diaoyutai and other important state organs have collected and displayed them. They have also been given to foreigners as state guests’gifts. I think their artistic attainments need not be questioned. Having seen his true friends, I believe they will be infected by the works. It is undeniable that I have never seen the charm of the sea presented so vividly and perfectly by the expression of traditional Chinese painting. Speaking of his painting and calligraphy prices, as early as 2013, the Ministry of Culture assessed them as 510,000 square feet. In recent years, the painting and calligraphy market has been booming. The value of Mr. Zhou Zhihui’s works is now estimated to be only high.

Zhou Zhizhi has won many national awards for his unique sea technique, and no one has surpassed him in the sea painting school. Speaking of the sea, he will think of Mr. Zhou Zhizhi. The sea painting school has become the symbol of the teacher and his representative work. Zhou Zhizhi first spent ten years studying calligraphy and Chinese painting systematically, and then spent ten years studying oil painting techniques systematically. After a thorough study, it took another ten years to integrate the techniques of Chinese painting and oil painting, and absorbed many painting techniques such as watercolor, printmaking, mural painting, peasant painting and decorative painting. It created a set of brush-and-ink techniques to depict the sea, forming a delicate, realistic, concise and atmospheric style, and expressing the impressive effect of the sea incisively and vividly. The reason why Master’s works can keep stable appreciation is that as more and more people are familiar with them and teachers’creative skills become more and more advanced, the market price of their works is also rising, so Mr. Zhou Zhi’s works have good potential and value in the later period.


This collection is the core recommendation of the London Campaign. Welcome all Tibetan friends to come to London Campaign for consultation and bidding. This is a rare opportunity!


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